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Yes, the steel can be applied directly over shingles, there is no need to strap the existing roof. The #14 rugged screws that we use take a solid hold of the boards or plywood underneath. The shingles act as a good cushion and absorb noise to keep the roof quiet.

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1. Can the steel be put over a shingled roof?

2. What is the life expectancy of a steel roof? Of its colours?

You can expect a steel roof to last for 40 years. The quality is guaranteed and Philip will stand behind his work. As for the WeatherX pre-finished painted sheets, VicWest's colour samples explain how they stand behind the paint for 40 years.

3. Is there a time period for ordered materials to arrive?

Yes. Keep in mind that all material ordered by Friday at noon is received the following Friday.

4. Is a steel roof noisy in the rain?

No, when a roof is properly insulated, you would seldom hear the rain. No one has ever complained to us about this.

No, it reflects lightning, making lightning rods unnecessary.

5. Does a steel roof attract lightning?

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